Police Say Person Responsible for Posting Anti-Police Sign Did So Out of Ignorance

Photo: Falls Township Police Dept.

Photo: Falls Township Police Dept.

Police in Bucks County, PA called on the individual or individuals who placed an anti-police sign near a Falls Township business to come to the police station and learn what police officers actually do for a living instead of basing their anti-police attitude on "ignorance."

The anti-police sign hung in the middle of the night read, "Only Good Cop - Is A Dead Cop."

Lt. Henry Ward of the Falls Township Police Department said, "I know whoever did this did it out of ignorance. I would like to sit down with them and show them what we do as police officers so they can base their opinion on facts and not ignorance. I doubt they will do this because they hung the sign in the middle of the night like a true coward that I think they are."


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