Utah Man Under Arrest For Attacking, Trying to Disarm, Off-Duty Police Officer

Photo: via sites.psu.edu

Photo: via sites.psu.edu

A Utah man is under arrest after allegedly attacking an off-duty police officer and attempting to disarm him, authorities say.

The incident occurred Friday morning after the officer, in plain clothes but driving a marked patrol vehicle, pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store in Salt Lake City.

As the officer entered the store, a man appeared to take notice of him and his patrol vehicle.

The man allegedly engaged the officer in conversation, acting as though he seemingly knew him.

At some point, the suspect lunged at the officer and attempted to disarm him. Customers called 911 and responding officers helped break up the fight.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked on charges of trying to disarm a police officer as well as assault. 


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