Ohio Man in Custody After FBI Raid Links Him to Bizarre Plot Against Local Police

Timothy Ward;  Photo: Stark Co. Jail

Timothy Ward; Photo: Stark Co. Jail

An Ohio man is in custody after an FBI raid found evidence that implicated him in a strange plot to attack against local law enforcement.

The home of TImothy Ward, 51, as well as the home of his father were raided by FBI personnel on June 15 following an investigation into Ward's alleged plot to arm mannequins and use explosives to attack a local police station. 

During the raid, FBI personnel apparently found bomb-making materials; however, no completed bombs were located.

The bizarre plot isn't so hard to fathom, however, given Mr. Ward's criminal history. 

Ward was arrested in 2009 after handcuffing his then-wife and forcing her to watch religious programming while declaring his need to fight demons.

Ward was ultimately found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Officers picked Ward up on a traffic stop on Tuesday and he is currently being held in lieu of bond.


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