Cop, Good Samaritan, Rescue Kitten Tossed From Moving Car

Officer Richie Ridolfi and Bridgett;  Photo: via

Officer Richie Ridolfi and Bridgett; Photo: via

A Good Samaritan, aided by a Delaware River Port Authority Officer, helped rescue a frightened kitten tossed from a moving car along the Walt Whitman Bridge last week.

The incident unfolded when Jean Finizio, driving along the bridge, noticed the kitten walking in the middle of traffic.

She pulled her car over to try and rescue the small feline but when she did the animal jumped up into the undercarriage of her vehicle.

At the same time, Officer Richie Ridolfi was responding to a call of a kitten thrown from a moving car on the bridge when he saw Finizio pulled over.

Officer Ridolfi stopped to help Finizio and the two of them worked to get the cat out from the interior of the car.

The kitten was finally retrieved after Finizio's car was moved off of the bridge. 

Officer Ridolfi took the kitten to a local veterinarian to get checked out. He even offered to pay the vet bills in the hopes that someone would adopt the cat, now named "Bridgette."

Officer Ridolfi said of the incident, "I'm the biggest animal lover. As soon as I get a call about any animal on the bridge, I'm the first person to get there."

Bridgett is now living in the comfort of her new home.


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