Black Lives Matter Activist Convicted of Interfering With Pasadena Police

Jasmine Richards;  Photo: via

Jasmine Richards; Photo: via

An activist with the group Black Lives Matter has been convicted of interfering with Pasadena police officers. She is scheduled to be sentenced next week.

The conviction stemmed from a September, 2015 incident in which officers were investigating a separate incident involving an altercation at a local restaurant.

When officers located the woman involved in the altercation at a local park, she had apparently already joined up with a group of protesters. 

When officers attempted to place the woman into custody for the restaurant incident, prosecutors say that Jasmine Richards tried to start a riot and prevent officers from maintaining custody of the woman.

After an investigation into Richards' behavior was conducted she was placed under arrest a few days later.

Richards is slated to be sentenced next week and is facing a maximum of four years in prison.


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