Union Blasts Anti-Police Movement for Creating Toxic Environment For Chicago Police

Dean Angelo, Sr.;  Photo: City Club of Chicago via wgnradio.com

Dean Angelo, Sr.; Photo: City Club of Chicago via wgnradio.com

The head of Chicago's police union blasted rampant anti-police rhetoric and the "Ferguson Effect" for creating a toxic environment for police officer's in the nation's third-largest city.

Dean Angelo, Sr. said at a luncheon on Tuesday that even as crime rises in Chicago, the city's police officers find it more and more difficult to do their jobs effectively because they are facing an unprecedented level of hostility.

"The perception of a lot of police officers in the City of Chicago is that nobody has their backs," Angelo, Sr. said.

The number of self-initiated investigative stops by Chicago police officers is dramatically lower this year while the number of murders have risen sharply.

The union chief further drew attention to the fact that the, "level of boldness has increased in some of the higher-crime areas," where there exists, "an element out there right now that constantly wants to stir the pot."

Angelo, Sr. used his remarks to further highlight a less well known statistic: while the media has obsessed over the number of police-involved shootings in recent years (404 in the past 8 years) there is almost no mention of the fact that during the same period of time there were 13,000 assaults on the city's police officers.

Hear Dean Angelo, Sr.'s full remarks HERE.


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