Man Tries to Drown Georgia State Trooper Before Being Shot

Sgt. Auston Allen;  Photo: via

Sgt. Auston Allen; Photo: via

A man tried to drown a Georgia State Trooper before being fatally shot on Saturday, authorities say.

The incident unfolded on Saturday night after police say Rodrigo Guardiola, 36, attempted to evade a DUI checkpoint in the town of Gainesville, GA.

Troopers gave chase and eventually caught up with the fleeing vehicle before Guardiola and a passenger, identified as 31-year old Epitacio Gudino, took off on foot.

Sergeant Auston Allen caught Guardiola near a creek along Industrial Avenue and struggled to take him into custody.

During the struggle, Guardiola allegedly pushed Sergean Allen underwater and held him there in an attempt to drown him.

The trooper attempted to use his taser to subdue Guardiola; however, it was ineffective. Sergeant Allen then used his service weapon to end the assault. 

Guardiola died from his injuries and Gudino was caught nearby. Sergeant Allen was treated for his injuries at a local hospital and released. 


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