Good Samaritan Helps Cop Nab Fleeing Suspect

Joseph Ruiz;  Photo: Allegheny County Sheriff's Office

Joseph Ruiz; Photo: Allegheny County Sheriff's Office

A unidentified Good Samaritan jumped in to assist an Allegheny County Sheriff's Deputy capture a fleeing suspect on Friday...but didn't stick around to provide his identification.

The incident unfolded on Friday afternoon after the deputy witnessed a man, later identified as 47-year old Joseph Anthony Ruiz, walk into traffic and almost get hit by multiple vehicles in downtown Pittsburgh.

Believing Ruiz to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the deputy stopped to speak with him.

As the deputy was attempting to identify Ruiz, the suspect fled on foot. The deputy gave chase but was assisted by a Good Samaritan who tackled Ruiz at the intersection of Smithfield Street and 5th Avenue. The deputy was able to handcuff Ruiz and take him into custody.

Ruiz was later found to have outstanding warrants for his arrest related to theft charges.

The Good Samaritan left the scene prior to being identified and the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office would like to present the man with an award for his help. If you think you might know the identity of the helpful citizen, please contact the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office at 412-350-4714.


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