Injured Seattle Cop Sues City Over Failure to Provide Adequate Protective Gear

Officer Kerry Zieger;  Photo: via

Officer Kerry Zieger; Photo: via

A Seattle police officer injured during recent May Day protests has filed a claim against the city of Seattle for failing to equip him with adequate protective gear.  

Officer Kerry Zieger was struck in the face with a slab of concrete while on bike patrol during the May protests. He suffered serious injuries to his face as a result. 

Although Officer Zieger had requested a more protective helmet prior to the protests, he was apparently told that none were available.

As a result, on the day of the protests he was wearing a helmet that only protected the top of his head, not the wrap-around type that protects the neck as well.

Officer Zieger's attorney, Erica Nelson, said, "He wasn't protected and he suffered a serious head injury as a result."

Officer Zieger is seeking unspecified damages in his claim.


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