Phony K9 Cop Tries to Break Into REAL Cops' Home

Anthony Ottaviano;  Photo: Palm Bay Police Dept.

Anthony Ottaviano; Photo: Palm Bay Police Dept.

In a bizarre story out of Florida, police arrested a man wearing a phony "Police K9" uniform, complete with dog and disguised patrol vehicle, attempting to gain entry into a home.

The man, identified as 36-year old Anthony Ottaviano, was allegedly trying to enter into the home of two Palm Bay, FL police officers.

When the officers confronted Ottaviano through the door and questioned his credentials they became concerned and called 911.

On-duty Palm Bay, FL police officers arrived and questioned the man. He was subsequently taken into custody.

Ottaviano was identified as a licensed paramedic with Sunstar Paramedics. It was not immediately clear why he was attempting to enter the home of the officers.


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