Suspected DUI Driver Spits On, Verbally Insults, Arresting Officers

Hazel Rojas;  Photo:

Hazel Rojas; Photo:

Illinois police officers endured a number of disparagements after arresting a woman for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol on Friday morning. 

After officers observed Hazel Rojas, 44, driving well under the speed limit and failing to drive through a green light, they pulled her over.

A subsequent investigation concluded that she was allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and she was placed under arrest. 

At jail, Rojas allegedly hurled verbal insults at the arresting officers, their families, and the entire law enforcement profession. She also allegedly spit on and vomited in front of the officers. Rojas also refused to have her mugshot taken.

She is facing multiple charges including driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.


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