Suspect on the Loose After Shooting Louisville Metro Police Officer

Jacquan Crowley;  Photo: Louisville Metro Police Dept.

Jacquan Crowley; Photo: Louisville Metro Police Dept.

A Louisville Metro police officer is in stable condition after being shot and wounded late Saturday night and the suspect is still on the loose. 

Officer Kyle Carrol was on patrol in the 23- or 24-hundred block of Magazine street when he saw the suspect, identified as 23-year old Jacquan Crowley, walk past him.

The officer recognized Crowley as a man he had arrested in the past.

When Officer Carrol attempted to stop Crowley a foot pursuit ensued. As Officer Carrol pursued Crowley over a fence the suspect opened fire, striking Officer Carrol in the chest. The officer's bulletproof vest likely saved his life.  

Crowley fled and is still on the loose. He is considered armed and dangerous. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Crowley, please call MetroSafe at 502-574-7111.


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