Nebraska Deputy in Fight to Regain Health Insurance While Recovering From On-Duty Shooting Injuries

Deputy Mike Hutchinson;  Photo: Matt Dixon/World Herald

Deputy Mike Hutchinson; Photo: Matt Dixon/World Herald

A Nebraska sheriff's deputy who was shot and wounded in December is fighting to regain his work-issued health insurance after it was yanked due to his "reduction in hours of employment."

Deputy Mike Hutchinson was shot four times on December 3, 2015 while helping serve arrest warrants. His recuperation has been lengthy and he is still recovering from his injuries.

Unfortunately, in addition to fighting for his well-being, he is also now fighting to regain the health insurance he so desperately needs.

"I made a commitment to them and to the people of Deuel County and they didn't stand by their commitment to me. They treated me like a hero, yet now I'm being penalized because I did my job. I was injured in the line of duty," Hutchinson said.

Deuel County Commissioners took no action at a recent meeting regarding Deputy Hutchinson's appeal that the county pay for his health insurance while he recovers; however, they are slated to do so when they again meet on June 21st.


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