Man Who Falsely Accused Officers of Sexual Assault Given Stiff Sentence

Marcus Reddick;  Photo: Salem County Correctional Facility

Marcus Reddick; Photo: Salem County Correctional Facility

A New Jersey man who falsely claimed that police officers sexually assaulted him following his arrest for possession of cocaine was given a stiff sentence this past week.

Judge Benjamin Telsey sentenced Marcus Reddick, 29 to four years in state prison on three charges of false swearing in addition to six years for possession of cocaine.

The incident unfolded in January, 2015, after Reddick was arrested and transported to the Penns Grove police station. After a search revealed cocaine hidden on his person, Reddick accused officers of sexually assaulting him.

Video and audio recordings from within the police station flatly refuted his claims.

Judge Telsey strongly condemned Reddick's actions, stating at the sentencing hearing, "The particular circumstances of this case is what the court finds to be particularly egregious."

The judge continued, "I am not here to speak on behalf of society as a whole, but we are in a different time where police officers are under extra scrutiny for their actions. In this particular case Mr. Reddick took advantage of the officers...and attempted to benefit..."

Prior to his sentencing, Reddick said to the court, "I would like the court to show a little leniency...I know I have made bad choices."


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