"Daddy, Don't be a Police Officer Anymore"

Photo: Steven King/Worcester Magazine

Photo: Steven King/Worcester Magazine

A moment in time, caught on film by a local photographer as the body of slain Auburn, MA police officer Ronald Tarentino was being transported to a funeral home on May 22, has gotten the attention of thousands of people and highlighted the dangers and emotional difficulties of being a police officer in America today.

The image shows a young boy, crying and clinging to a police officer. The young boy is Camden and he is hugging his father, veteran officer Keith Chipman.

Camden had just learned the reason he was with his father at the funeral home - their family friend Ronald Tarentino had just been killed in the line of duty.

Overcome with emotion at the gravity of what had happened, young Camden wrapped his arms around his father and begged, "Daddy, don't be a police officer anymore."

The photograph was taken by Worcester Magazine photographer Steven King.


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