Parents of Kate Steinle File Federal Lawsuit Over Daughter's Death

Kathryn Steinle;  Photo: via

Kathryn Steinle; Photo: via

The parents of Kathryn Steinle have filed a federal lawsuit against the city of San Francisco and former San Francisco County Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Steinle was gunned down in 2015 by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal immigrant and felon who had been deported multiple times prior to the shooting. Her death prompted a nationwide conversation over sanctuary city policies.

The lawsuit contends that multiple individuals and agencies failed to protect their daughter. It also contends that Mirkarimi violated city and state law by failing to turn Lopez-Sanchez over to federal authorities after dropping marijuana charges against him.

Lopez-Sanchez had spent 46 months in federal prison over illegal re-entry into the country before being turned over to San Francisco authorities to face an old marijuana charge.

After prosecutors declined to charge Lopez-Sanchez on the drug charge he was released from custody despite federal authorities requesting he be returned to their custody.

Three months after his release, Lopez-Sanchez shot and killed Steinle while she and her family were walking along Pier 14 on San Francisco's embarcadero.


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