Massachusetts Trooper's Good Deed Caught on Tape

Trooper Bonin with girl;  Photo: Jacob Morse

Trooper Bonin with girl; Photo: Jacob Morse

Earlier this month, a Massachusetts State Trooper, dressed in a suit from having just left court, saw a young woman panhandling on the side of the road. The woman's condition drew his attention.

Instead of driving away or stopping to issue the girl a ticket, Trooper Luke Bonin drove to a local restaurant and bought two meals.

He returned to the girl's location and offered her one of the meals. Then he sat down and spent time with her, sharing lunch and a conversation. 

The exchange was caught on tape by a passerby and uploaded to social media. It has since gone viral. 

The man who photographed the incident, Jake Morse, captioned the picture by saying, "This guy stopped to have lunch with the girl pan handling on the bottom of President Avenue. Much respect."


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