Bill to Make Assaulting Police Officers a Hate Crime Heads to Louisiana Governor's Desk

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards;  Photo: Marie Constantin via

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards; Photo: Marie Constantin via

House Bill 953, otherwise known as the "Blue Lives Matter" bill, is heading to the desk of Louisiana Governor John Bel Edward.

A 33-3 vote in the Louisiana Senate cleared the bill's path for the governor's signature.

The bill would make Louisiana one of the first states in the union to make attacking a police officer or firefighter a hate crime.

The bill would also allow for increased penalties of anyone convicted of committing such a crime, adding an additional five years in prison and fines of $5,000.

Although the bill received little to no vocal opposition within the state legislature, not everyone supported the effort to add police officers and first responders to the list of protected people.

A statement from the New Orleans chapter of Black Youth 100 called the bill, "an insidious attempt to destabilize our First Amendment rights as community members who hold the police, and others sworn by oath to serve and protect, accountable.”


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