Manhunt Underway for Two Dangerous Escapees From Western State Hospital

Adams and Garver;  Photo: Lakewood Police Dept. via

Adams and Garver; Photo: Lakewood Police Dept. via

Two dangerous inmates escaped from a psychiatric hospital in Washington on Wednesday, authorities announced.

Anthony Garver, 28, and Mark Alexander Adams, 58, were last seen in the dining hall of the Western State Hospital at approximately 6 p.m. It is believed they escaped through a "loose window in their room."

Garver was found mentally incompetent to stand trial for murder in 2013. He was accused of gagging a woman and stabbing her over two dozen times before slitting her throat.

Adams was being treated at the facility in relation to a 2014 domestic violence incident.

Both men should be considered dangerous and the public is encouraged to contact 911 if they believe they see either of the individuals. 


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