Benefit Hockey Game To Be Held For Seriously Injured Fort Wayne, IN Officer

Officer Boyce Ballinger;  Photo: via

Officer Boyce Ballinger; Photo: via

A veteran Fort Wayne, IN police officer seriously injured over the weekend is getting better, his girlfriend says, but still has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Officer Boyce Ballinger was among several officers who responded to a violent domestic disturbance on Saturday where two individuals were reportedly stabbed. Once they arrived, the suspect allegedly locked himself in a room and started a house fire.

After officers rescued other people in the home they prepared to enter the burning room where the suspect was located, not knowing if he held any hostages.

"They kicked the door in, went inside, they were able to Tase this individual and pull him out, but in the process, you know, they were all exposed to smoke inhalation and officer Ballinger most seriously," said Rusty York, Fort Wayne Public Safety Director.

Officer Ballinger remains in serious condition and intubated in order to allow his lungs to heal. Fellow officers and his family, however, are hopeful for his recovery.

The Fort Wayne Fire Department and police department are holding a charity hockey game this Saturday at 2 p.m. Donation will go to Officer Ballinger and his family. 


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