Illinois Woman Arrested on Suspicion of DUI Assaults Police, Says, "All Cops Must Die"

LaToya King;  Photo: Riverside Police  

LaToya King; Photo: Riverside Police 

An Illinois woman arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol reportedly struck an officer, spat on him, and stated, "All cops must die," following her arrest. 

The incident occurred Saturday after Riverside, IL police stopped LaToya King, 32, for speeding.

Once field sobriety tests were administered, King allegedly failed every one of them and blew a preliminary alcohol screening test showing a BAC of .16. 

As she was being processed at the station, King allegedly broke free and assaulted one of the officers. 

It was during this struggle that King reportedly stated, "All cops must die," and "I’m going to come back and kill your kids and grandkids."

One officer was transported to a local hospital for treatment and released. King was being held on $50,000 bond.  


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