Florida Judge Suspended Over Allegations She Called Police Officers "Pigs"

Judge Jacqueline Schwartz;  Photo: via theintellectualist.co  

Judge Jacqueline Schwartz; Photo: via theintellectualist.co 

The Florida Supreme Court has suspended a county judge over allegations that she was intoxicated on the bench and belligerently referred to police officers as "PIGS." 

Witnesses allege that Miami-Dade County Judge Jacqueline Schwartz became intoxicated and belligerent at a local restaurant, yelling at waitstaff and calling the police "PIGS."

On a separate occasion, Judge Schwartz is alleged to have been intoxicated while presiding over her court room, necessitating a bailiff driver her home.  

The judge denied alcohol was involved and suggested that prescription medication had affected her behavior in the aforementioned incidents.   

Judge Schwartz had previously been fined $10,000 over an altercation with store employees concerning campaign yard signs.  


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