Illinois Bill Seeks to Keep Retired K9's With Their Officer Handlers

Photo: Jonathan Kozowyk via

Photo: Jonathan Kozowyk via

An Illinois bill working it's way through the State Senate is seeking to allow retired K9 handlers the option of formally adopting their K9 partners after the dog's service years are over.

Senate Bill 3129 was offered by Senators Thomas Cullerton (D-Villa Park) and Jacqueline Y. Collins (D-Chicago) and is similar in content to a bill that passed unanimously through the Illinois House.

On occasion, there have been disputes as to who should maintain custody after a K9 has concluded it's useful service years - the officer who served as the K9's handler, often for most of the dog's life, or the municipal agency that purchased the animal in the first place.

This bill seeks to eliminate the potential that a handler may be unable to keep their K9 partner into retirement.

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