Retired K9 Survives Alligator Attack by Fighting Back

K9 Arek;  Photo: Tiffany Tompkins/Bradenton Herald

K9 Arek; Photo: Tiffany Tompkins/Bradenton Herald

A retired Palmetto, FL police K9 survived an alligator attack earlier this week by fighting back against his reptilian adversary.

K9 Arek, who retired from the force after his handler and owner, Officer Chris Leister, left the Palmetto police department to join the St. Petersburg police department, apparently walked a little too close to the lake behind their home on Tuesday. That's when an alligator decided to take a bite out of Arek.

Arek yelped and drew the attention of his owner, who promptly saw that his K9 partner was injured and took him to a local veterinarian for treatment.

The vet told Leister that it was likely Arek bit back after being attacked by the alligator since an alligator would not have likely let him go otherwise.

Arek returned home, injured but alive. The alligator in question has not yet been located.


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