Footage of Indiana Police Officer Helping Homeless Man Goes Viral

Officer Tyler Croy;  Photo:

Officer Tyler Croy; Photo:

An Indiana police officer has been widely commended for the actions he took in helping a homeless man over the weekend.

Whiteland police officer Tyler Croy can be seen on body cam footage stopping to admonish a local homeless man against panhandling without a permit.

After Officer Croy engaged the man for several minutes in conversation, he reached into his own pocket and gave the man the last $3 he had. Officer Croy told the man where he could get some food.

The man, overcome with emotion, began to cry because of Croy's kindness and the two embraced.

"If he’s homeless and he’s out there, obviously struggling, what’s a $100 ticket going to do for him. Absolutely nothing,” said Officer Croy.

The officer continued, "I just did what any caring person would do, and I just gave him a hug. Because a lot of times that’s just what people need.”


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