Police Officer's Act of Kindness Caught on Film

Photo: Randall Conroy via Facebook

Photo: Randall Conroy via Facebook

A social media post of a police officer in Barboursville, WV taking a local homeless man into a restaurant and buying him a meal has gone viral.

The officer was unaware that a citizen had photographed the interaction.

Officer Stephen Wilson saw the visibly thin homeless man and engaged him in conversation.

"I said, 'What are you wearing a back brace for?' He goes, 'Back brace? Those are my hip bones.' I said, 'You serious?' He goes, 'Yeah.' Pulls his shirt up and sure enough his waist was about that big around and it was his hip bones. I said, 'Let's go straight across the street to Wendy's,' " Wilson told local Fox 11.

As Wilson was taking the man in to grab a meal a citizen photographed the incident and posted the picture on Facebook, adding the caption, "Hats off to this Barboursville cop he picked up the homless man with a sign and took him to buy a meal!!! He may not think anyone saw this but I did and thats great!"


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