Parents in Ohio Upset Over Anti-Police Homework Assignment

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Photo: via

Parents in Ohio were outraged last week when they got hold of a surprising homework assignment given to their middle school aged children.

The assignment, titled "Vocabulary - Police Brutality," asked children to use words to fill-in-the-blank on a paragraph describing police officers disproportionately brutalizing minorities. 

The teacher defended the assignment, arguing that she was trying to get her students to use critical thinking and apply it to current events.  

One parent vehemently disagreed with that argument, however, writing to the school, "She did NOT offer an assignment that allowed the student to think critically. Offering a word bank to fill in the blanks is NOT critical thinking. This assignment was not created to allow the students to apply or analyze information or use it to create something new. It was used to give information to students no matter how slanted the information."

Check out the paragraph for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments sections below:

"The numbers don’t lie; minority people (more so black than Hispanic) experience more violent arrests from police officers than do white people. The unfortunate thing is that most police officers aren’t prosecuted in cases of brutality against them. These cases rarely make it to court and the officers are acquitted of any crime."


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