NYPD Deploys "Vapor Wake" Bomb-Sniffing K9s

Photo: John Moore/Getty via newyork.cbslocal.com

Photo: John Moore/Getty via newyork.cbslocal.com

The City of New York has 8 new bomb-sniffing assets on the streets today thanks to the acquisition of newly trained "vapor wake" K9's. 

The K9 cops, trained at Auburn University in Alabama, operate differently than traditional bomb-sniffing dogs.

Instead of having to focus on a package or person to seek out a potential bomb, these dogs pick up the "vapor wake" emanating from concealed bomb-making materials on a person, backpack, or other device.

The dog can follow the scent up to several football fields in length in order to track it's origin.

Dr. Jim Floyd, a veterinarian at Auburn University, told WHNT, "Your standard bomb dog, your explosive protector dog is primed on looking at an object, a backpack that's placed somewhere. A Vapor Wake dog's ability is to detect the odor coming off of that backpack on the back of someone as they carry it, and to follow that plume of vapor."


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