Outspoken Sheriffs Blame Obama for Pervasive Anti-Police Sentiment

Photo: Reuters/Larry Downing  

Photo: Reuters/Larry Downing 

Despite an uptick in the number of officers feloniously killed in the line of duty this year, President Obama has remained largely silent on the topic and that has led some of the nation's more outspoken sheriffs to voice their displeasure toward the Commander in Chief, the Washington Examiner reported

Carroll County (MD) Sheriff James DeWees said, "He has a microphone in his face almost every moment he's awake, and has unprecedented access to the media. He could certainly take a moment to acknowledge these events and give us the same support he provides those that attack and kill us."

Sheriff DeWees's sentiments were echoed by fellow Sheriff David Mahoney (Dane County, WI), who said, "Our nation has lost its soul and that is why we struggle, and why leaders in government who define individual special interests are rising to the top of national politics in both parties."

One of the president's most outspoken critics, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, went even further last year, placing blame for much of the current anti-cop sentiment squarely on the president's shoulder and stating that Obama "started this war on police."

As previously mentioned, the anger comes amid an increase of 250% (as of this writing) in gunfire-related police deaths in 2016 . 


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