Off-Duty Police Officer Attends Trump Rally: "I Could Not Believe What I Saw"

Brandon Tatum;  Photo: @TheOfficerTatum via Twitter

Brandon Tatum; Photo: @TheOfficerTatum via Twitter

An off-duty Tucson police officer decided to attend a Donald Trump rally to see what all the fuss was about. What he found surprised him and he revealed his findings in an online video that has since gone viral.

Officer Brandon Tatum said that anti-Trump protesters at the event were the primary cause of the violence and aggression.

"I could not believe what I saw," said Tatum.

He continued, "These people were acting so outrageous. You were just thinking that somebody was going to lose their temper and there was going to be a full brawl."

Tatum added, "People were directly yelling at me as if I’m a criminal, and all I’m trying to do is just hear what the man has to say."

Media coverage of the violent outbursts at various Trump rallies have been extensive. In one video last week, a man in attendance was filmed punching a protester being escorted out of an event. John McGraw, 78, was subsequently charged with assault and disorderly conduct connected with that incident.


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