Massachusetts DJ Fined For Playing "F--- tha Police" During Police Raid

Kashawn Harris;  Photo: @DJBoogy34 via Twitter

Kashawn Harris; Photo: @DJBoogy34 via Twitter

A Massachusetts DJ who played the aggressively anti-law enforcement song "F--- tha Police" while officers were clearing out a crowded nightclub has been fined $50 for disorderly conduct.

The event occurred last October at the Shenanigans Pub, in Westfield. When the crowd of partygoers exceeded the limits of safety, officers decided to ask people to leave.

That's when Kashawn Harris, 25, performing at the club under the name of DJ Boogy, turned up the NWA song.

The infamous song speaks of a "bloodbath of cops dying in L.A." as well as "Without a gun and a badge, what do ya got? A sucker in a uniform waiting to get shot."

Given the highly packed atmosphere and large number of intoxicated patrons, officers believed that Harris's song choice was a deliberate attempt at inciting a violent reaction among the patrons.

As a result, Officer Juanita Mejias issued Harris a citation for disorderly conduct, writing in her report, "I believed at that time the combination of alcohol, the excessive amount of people in the bar and the song that the DJ chose to play at that time was an intentional act by the DJ to incite the crowd which showed a reckless disregard for public safety."

Harris was subsequently found guilty and ordered to pay a $50 fine.


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