NYPD Pulls Cops Off the Beat to Serve as Crossing Guards

Photo: Lauren Casselberry/The Jersey Journal    

Photo: Lauren Casselberry/The Jersey Journal


A high number of sick call-ins among New York City's 2,400 crossing guards has prompted Mayor de Blasio's office to direct the police commissioner to fix the problem.

The solution? Move armed patrolmen off the beat and into the crosswalk.

This move, amid spiking crime rates throughout the city and nation, has confused and angered some citizens.

One angry resident told the NY Post, "You’d think with crime on the rise in the city, particularly in neighborhoods like Crown Heights, there would be some alternative to putting patrol cops on crossing-guard duty."

The resident continued, "At the very least, assign school safety officers, not patrol cops! The Police Department is stretched thin enough as it is. I know that by the number of times I hear gunshots from my window."

Another lamented that the police "should be doing more important work than this. There’s a lot of crime in the area and they could be dealing with that more."


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