Maryland Officer Killed by "Friendly Fire" Was Deliberately Fired Upon, Says Chief

Officer Jacai Colson;  Photo: Prince George's Police Dept.

Officer Jacai Colson; Photo: Prince George's Police Dept.

In another tragic twist to an already devastating story, authorities are now saying that the Maryland police officer killed by "friendly fire" earlier this week was deliberately fired upon by another officer.

Prince George's County Officer Jacai Colson was working undercover in plain clothes when he confronted Michael Ford, who was shooting a weapon in front of police headquarters. Colson was not wearing a bulletproof vest at the time.

Other officers responded to the sound of gunfire and opened fire on Ford as well.

Prince George's County police Chief Hank Stawinski said that although it is believed that another officer deliberately fired upon Colson, malice was not a factor.

"There's no intention, as I have seen the facts and as they have been explained to me, to indicate any malice or anything along those lines," Stawinski said.

Police believe that Ford, and two of his brothers who were on scene and filming the incident, had been attempting to commit suicide by cop.


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