Maryland Officer Killed by Friendly Fire, Chief Says

Officer Jacai Colson;  Photo: @PGPDNews

Officer Jacai Colson; Photo: @PGPDNews

In a follow-up statement in the wake of the death of Prince George's County police officer Jacai Colson, Chief Hank Stawinski stated that the officer was killed by "friendly fire" during the shootout with a suicidal man.

Michael Ford, 22, allegedly enlisted his brothers Malik and Elijah to film his attempt to commit suicide by cop, the apparent motive for Ford to begin shooting at police.

In the chaos that ensued, Officer Colson was mortally wounded.

"This appears to be the act of the Ford brothers, for their own motives. We have reason to suspect that the Ford brothers did not expect (Michael Ford) to survive his encounter with police," Stawinski said.

Officer Colson's friend from the police academy, Dominick Chambers, said of the loss of his friend, "Everyone is taking it real bad, real bad. I'm talking to my classmates, checking in on them. We're not doing well."


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