Teenaged Son of Two Miami Beach Police Officers Dies After 9 Months in Coma

Photo: Miami Beach Police Department

Photo: Miami Beach Police Department

The teenaged son of two Miami Beach police officers has died following 9 months in a coma.

Dwayne Mitchell, 18, was at his home in Southwest Miami-Dade in May of last year when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Mitchell was transported to a local hospital but soon fell into a coma.

Tests revealed that Mitchell had suffered from a rare condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. The condition had gone undetected until the young man suffered cardiac arrest.

Mitchell would fight in the hospital for 9 months until he passed away on Friday.

Christopher and Shantell Mitchell, Dwayne's parents, created a website, Dwayne Have a Heart Foundation, to educate the public on their son's rare condition and to encourage others to spread awareness.


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