Florida Legislature Makes Threatening a Police Officer With Violence a Felony

Photo: www.flhistoriccapitol.gov

Photo: www.flhistoriccapitol.gov

The Florida Senate and House has passed a bill that would make threatening a law enforcement official a felony. The bill was approved with no vocal opposition. 

SB 436 makes it a felony to "threaten first responders, teachers, elected officials and their family members with a firearm or a weapon of mass destruction," reported the Tallahassee Democrat.

Erika Smith, the widow of Deputy Chris Smith, who was killed by a man who set fire to his own home and threatened to kill any responding officers, was grateful for the legislatures' actions.

"Law enforcement will now have the ability to take a proactive approach responding to threats made against law enforcement and first responders and can prevent the sort of tragedy that killed my husband," said Smith.

She continued, "I believe this is a positive and strong step in the right direction giving the men and women dedicated to serve and protect the ability to better protect us as well as themselves.”


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