Wanted Fugitive Tries to Hide Identity by Chewing Off Fingertips

Kris Kelly;  Photo: Tampa Police/nbcmiami.com

Kris Kelly; Photo: Tampa Police/nbcmiami.com

Police in Ohio were able to positively identify a man wanted on firearms and drug charges in Florida despite the man chewing his fingertips off in an attempt to conceal his identity.

Kirk Kelly, 24, was among a group of individuals stopped by police in a vehicle on Friday. After officers smelled the presence of drugs in the vehicle, the occupants were removed to the back of a patrol car while the officer's continued their investigation.

It was then that Kelly began to chew off his fingertips in a feeble attempt to hide his identity.

Officers were able to I.D. Kelly through the multiple tattoos on his body, however. He was booked into jail on charges of evidence tampering and resisting arrest, along with his outstanding warrants.


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