Farrakhan Says That If Police Won't Protect Beyoncé's Concerts Then the Nation of Islam Will

Louis Farrakhan;  Photo: Detroit News/Clarence Tabb, Jr.

Louis Farrakhan; Photo: Detroit News/Clarence Tabb, Jr.

Louis Farrakhan, the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, said in a speech on Sunday that if police refuse to offer security protection for any of singer Beyoncé's upcoming concerts then members of the Fruit of Islam will step in and offer protection.

The Fruit of Islam (FOI) is a male-only, paramilitary arm of the Nation of Islam.

Farrakhan offered strong vocal support for Beyoncé over recent controversies surrounding her latest single, Formation.

"Look at how you treating Beyoncé now. You gonna picket. You not gonna offer her police protection. But the FOI will," Farrakhan said.

The content of the singer's most recent single along with her Super Bowl performance have drawn wide criticism from the law enforcement community who viewed it as aggressively anti-police.

Tampa police officers recently made the news when no officers signed up to work Beyoncé's upcoming concert. That has changed, according to police officials, who said that several officers have since signed up to work the event.


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