UPDATE: Retired Ohio Officer Will Be Allowed to Keep K9 Parnter

Officer Hickey and Ajax;  Photo: Nicole McClellend

Officer Hickey and Ajax; Photo: Nicole McClellend

After significant public blowback from denying a retired police officer the ability to keep his K9 partner, the city and police department in Marietta, OH has came up with a solution.

Retired police officer Matthew Hickey is going to be able to keep his K9 partner Ajax, the city said, because Officer Hickey is going to become an auxiliary officer. This will allow him to continue to keep Ajax as he does part-time work for the department.

The city had originally informed Hickey that since Ajax still had several useful working years left he would not be allowed to retire with the officer. Hickey offered to pay the fair market value for Ajax but was denied that as well and told the dog must go up for public auction.

After Officer Hickey’s story made the news, a GoFundMe page was set up to help him try and purchase Ajax at auction. The site raised over $70,000.

Although Hickey said that he was hoping to “be a hermit” in retirement, he is happy with the resolution and has been touched by the public support.


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