Man on the Run From Police Injects Meth During Standoff

Matthew Medlin;  Photo: Multnomah County SO

Matthew Medlin; Photo: Multnomah County SO

A man on the run from police decided to inject himself with methamphetamine while in a tense standoff with police, Portland, OR authorities said.

Matthew Medlin, 32, was on the run from police when he hid inside of a train railcar and grabbed pieces of metal and other items to use as weapons to hold off police. Officers stated that he was likely under the influence of meth at the time of the initial chase.

Officers tried to coax Medlin out of the railcar but he refused, and instead injected more meth into his body during the four-hour standoff. This made Medlin’s behavior even more erratic, police said.

Officers eventually deployed less-lethal weapons to take Medlin into custody. He was booked on numerous charges including criminal mischief, resisting arrest, and outstanding felony warrants.


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