Candidates Call For Police Reform at Last Night's Dem Debate

Sanders and Clinton at PBS Debate;  Photo: Morry Gash/AP

Sanders and Clinton at PBS Debate; Photo: Morry Gash/AP

A string of anti-police statements during last night’s Democratic presidential debate, along with silence on the part of the Obama administration over a recent spate of violence against law enforcement, has left some public officials fuming.

6 police officers, including 5 by gunfire, were killed over the span of two days this past week.

Pinal County (AZ) Sheriff Paul Babeu argued that the lack of support for our nation’s law enforcement stems from the fundamental way in which President Obama and others close to him view law enforcement.

“That’s his lens on how he sees our heroes and our protectors. That’s who he is and Clinton is lockstep in with him,” Sheriff Babeu said

He continued, “There is an absolute deafening silence from the leaders of our country and it tells us where we are at this time in our society.”

In last night’s Democratic debate, rather than acknowledging the unprecedented level of violence against law enforcement in recent days, candidates Clinton and Sanders instead focused their remarks on systemic racism within the criminal justice system.

Clinton insinuated that law enforcement “harassed, humiliated, and event shot,” people based on the color of their skin while Sanders lamented “unarmed” African-Americans getting “dragged out of cars” or “shot.”

Sanders also likened heavily armed police to “occupying armies” and argued that society was in need of “police reform.”

Both pro- and anti-police rhetoric will no doubt persist over the coming months as the presidential election heats up.


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