Tragedy in Central PA: State Trooper Shot and Killed

Trooper Landon Weaver;  Photo: PA State Police

Trooper Landon Weaver; Photo: PA State Police

A Pennsylvania State Trooper has been shot and killed after responding to a domestic violence incident Friday evening in Huntingdon County.

Trooper Landon Weaver, 23, was shot and killed by suspect Jason Robison, 32, who was later located nearby where Trooper Weaver had been shot.

Robison allegedly refused to surrender and threatened officers before police shot and killed him.

It has been reported that the alleged cop-killer had a history of animosity toward law enforcement. A recent Facebook post on his account allegedly said, "The only good cop is a dead cop," and portrayed a picture of a  wrecked police cruiser and injured officer.

Weaver joined the Pennsylvania State Police in December, 2015 and is the 97th Pennsylvania State trooper to have been killed in the line of duty. 


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