ERICKSON: What a Trump Presidency Means for Law Enforcement

Photo: via

Photo: via

By: AISLE president Scott G. Erickson for

The sweeping electoral victory of Donald Trump has unleashed a torrent of commentary over how, and to what degree, the iconic businessman’s election will influence a wide variety of public policy areas. 

One area where President-elect Trump’s victory will no doubt resonate is within the domestic law enforcement community.

Few professions or groups of individuals have been as assailed and maligned over the past few years as the American police officer. Detractors and critics have often painted our nation’s police officers as racist and brutal and the entire criminal justice system as systemically prejudiced. 

Innuendo and misinformation in the wake of controversy has become the standard response among many within the public discourse.

Sadly, one area where law enforcement should have reasonably expected a basic sense of solidarity and support has been lacking as well. 

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