Bakersfield Man Pulls Gun on Cop to Test Theory on Police Brutality

Jose Vaca;  Photo: via

Jose Vaca; Photo: via

A Bakersfield man is lucky to be alive after being shot multiple times by a police officer on a vehicle stop on December 19.

The reason Jose Vaca, 29, was shot; however, is the odd part of the story.

Vaca told local reporters that he had pulled a rifle on the officer who had stopped him as a way to test a theory he had regarding police brutality.

Vaca said of his mindset, "First thing that came to my mind, is I'm already going to get pulled over. I know they're most likely going to take me in, but I'm going to need to try my theory real quick and see that it's true so she can believe there is good officers in the world."

The "she" Vaca was referring to was the passenger in his vehicle.

Vaca apparently thought that "good officers" would have simply ordered him to drop his weapon; however, after Vaca emerged from his vehicle with his rifle he was predictably shot.

Did Vaca think the experiment was a good idea or that he'd ever do it again? "Completely bad. Never again," he said.


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