Dayton, OH Officer Helps Save Life of Fellow Officer After Car Crash

Officer Byron Branch;  Photo: via

Officer Byron Branch; Photo: via

A Dayton, OH police officer is alive today thanks in part to the swift actions of his fellow officer.

Officer Byron Branch, a rookie with the department, was struck by a vehicle late Friday evening after another vehicle lost control on Interstate-75 and struck his patrol car.

A fellow officer rushed to his aid, applying a tourniquet to Officer Branch's leg and preventing a significant loss of blood before medical personnel arrived on scene.

Social media identified the hero officer as Bryan Camden, a fellow Dayton police officer.

After being hailed as a hero, Officer Camden replied, "It wasn’t just me, it was a team effort, and I would do it again and again to make sure my friends and fellow officers are safe."

Camden added, "Please let me know if there’s any more I can for you guys during this difficult time, and thank you for supporting me as much as you’re supporting him."


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