Off-Duty NH Cop Saves Man's Life While on Vacation

Officer Bill Werner Jr.;  Photo: Rich Beauchesne via

Officer Bill Werner Jr.; Photo: Rich Beauchesne via

An off-duty Portsmouth (NH) police officer, on vacation in South Carolina, came to the rescue of a heart-attack victim last month and is being credited with helping save the man's life, Seacoast Online reported.

Officer Bill Werner Jr. was on a ball field with a group of people when one of the individuals collapsed of an apparent heart attack.

The man was quickly moved out of the dugout and Werner and others immediately went to work performing CPR on the man.

Werner asked for assistance in locating an AED and, once obtained, helped to treat the man until emergency personnel arrived.

The act of heroism would have gone unrecognized if not for a letter sent to Werner's police headquarters by a witness to the incident.

In the letter outlining what had occurred, the witness stated that, "by God's grace and Bill's effort to properly connect the AED and assist with diagnosing (the man's) progress, we shocked him three times with each successfully giving (the man) a chance to live. Needless to say, I was greatly relieved and emotionally spent when the paramedics arrived."

The letter continued, "Although I continued to help in small ways, Bill did an outstanding job of supporting the transition to the paramedics and without his assistance and proper use of the AED, (the man) would not be with us."

Police Chief David Mara said of the revelation, "It shows the type of police officers we have. When they're off-duty, they spring into action. I'm very proud of him."


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