Indiana Cop Throws 7-Year Old Surprise Birthday Party

Photo: via fox59 and

Photo: via fox59 and

After a young Indiana boy received no RSVP's for his police-themed 7th birthday party, a local police officer stepped up and made sure the boy had the birthday of his life.

Officer Jeremy Elliott of the Prince's Lakes (IN) Police Department got word that there weren't going to be any attendees to Westyn Ziegler's birthday party so he made a few phone calls and arranged to surprise Westyn with a much larger party than expected.

Officer Elliott picked up the surprised boy in his patrol car and took him to the Town Hall, where officers were waiting to celebrate with pizza, cake, and surprises.

Officer Elliott said that he felt it was important to be involved with the community and not just seen as enforcers of the law.

Westyn's mom said, "It's just beyond me to see all these police officers that my son loves, to celebrate him and celebrate with him."


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