Pennsylvania Party City Allegedly Refuses to Fill Order After Learning it Was For Fallen Police Officer

Photo: via

Photo: via

An employee at a Pennsylvania Party City store allegedly refused to fill an order for balloons after learning the items were going to a memorial for a fallen police officer. 

Customer Karly Lane apparently went to the Pleasant Hills, PA store to purchase a dozen black and blue balloons for a memorial for her friend, Officer Robert Gogo, Jr., who died in an off-duty motorcycle accident last month.

Once the employee heard what the balloons were for they allegedly refused to fill the order and went to help another customer. 

Lane complained on Facebook and the story eventually reached Party City management. 

A local news agency contacted the store and received the following statement

Party City is committed to our customers and the community. Corporate management is looking into the matter to uncover what transpired and will take action accordingly

An internal investigation into the incident is apparently underway.


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