Above and Beyond: Illinois Officer Buys Woman New Car After Accident Totals Vehicle

Moody and Robinson;  Photo: via kwqc.com

Moody and Robinson; Photo: via kwqc.com

A heartwarming story of a police officer going WAY above and beyond the call of duty was given national attention earlier this month after the story was featured on the Steve Harvey Show.

The incident in question involved a Moline, IL woman who had been involved in a vehicle accident that left her car totaled.

Distraught and now unable to get to work, Danielle Robinson's day was brightened by the actions of Moline Police Officer Patrick Moody.

With the assistance of Doug Demont, owner of Cheap Cars, Officer Moody stepped in and purchased Robinson a new car to help ease her troubles. 

Officer Moody said, "I made a commitment to myself last year, that I was at least once a year do something big for someone that can never repay me back. After the accident I contemplated it for a while. Well you know what, this is my opportunity to do something here and that’s what I ended up doing.”

Robinson was grateful for the officer's kind gesture. "He is a true blessing, I thank you so much," she saidto Officer Moody.


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