Accused Boston Police Shooter Wanted to "Revolutionize Policing," Per Reports

Kirk Figueroa;  Photo: via

Kirk Figueroa; Photo: via

The man responsible for critically injuring two Boston police officers on Wednesday allegedly sought to "revolutionize policing."

This was among the many disturbing revelations that have emerged following the shooting incident that left the two officers injured and the suspect dead.

Kirk Figueroa, 33, apparently ambushed officers after they responded to his apartment over a disturbance call. Figueroa was subsequently shot and killed by other responding officers.

Figueroa's roommate has since told local reporters that his roommate often claimed to be a police officer and once even imagined being shot by police.

His roommate also described Figueroa as being a very secretive person who kept drapes over his windows and his doors always locked.


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